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Translation is our focal point on all works. We use in-territory native people. With over  5,000 translators in our system. We can handle nearly any language and dialect.


We can translate and help implementation and development of the multilingual publishing needed


GTL will work directly with your team to ensure that your advertisement meets the culture of the country in which you intend to capture.


From basic typesetting of printed literature to full layered artwork and graphic design (i.e. manuals, retail box art, e-books, marketing ads and banners, business cards, postcards, presentations and decks),


We use a combination of quality assurance specialists and linguistic experts to verify that all localized material has been implemented correctly and is appropriate when considering context.


GTL is a full solution for dubbing, providing the initial script translation and adaptation, as well as the recording studio, talent, direction, engineering and mixing for all languages.


We have the passion for the new, bold, and exciting. Our team will help you to build a global brand. Help your technology get out to the masses. With industry experts and in country translators and media teams.


From translation of documents to depositions. We can help you with all your legal needs. With a roster of lawyers and translators in countries around the world. We have a team comprised of the best solutions to meet your needs.


We truly want to help you. We are in the industry to help those whom want a global audience. We want to connect the world. We would love the opportunity to stand behind your project or product. To guide you down the paths of global success.

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