7 Benefits of Near Sourcing Your Localization

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7 Benefits of Near Sourcing Your Localization

7 Benefits of Near Sourcing Your LocalizationNear sourcing your localization needs means that your production team resides and works in the same country and same time zone as you do. There are many benefits of near sourcing aside from cost — here are seven of them

1. No more “lost in translation”

A localization company in your same country will be able to recognize and understand the jokes, pop culture references, and other cultural aspects of a your game. They’ll also share similar approaches to meetings, emails, and phone calls, as well as the same days off for holidays.

2. No more early mornings or late nights

Are you sick of having to get up early or stay up late to talk with your Project Manager? We don’t blame you. Near sourcing avoids that.

3. Faster turnaround times

It can be so frustrating when it takes up to 24 hours to hear from your localization partner across the globe. It can add days to your turnaround time, which isn’t always ideal when you have an urgent project.

4. Higher quality localizations

When time is money, waiting that long for a response also leads to less questions being asked and answered, which can lead to more assumptions and mistakes. Being able to get more questions answered results in higher quality translations.

5. Being able to put names to faces

Near sourcing also mean that you can actually meet the people you’re working with. Not just your sales rep, but also your Project Manager, the production staff and, maybe even the people who did the linguistic testing for your game.

6. Help support your local game economy

Whether you live in an emerging game market or one of the biggest game markets in the world, near sourcing helps grow your local economy. You’re giving jobs to Project Managers, admins, translators, testers and more by near sourcing your localization project within your own region or country.

7. Near sourcing helps building lasting, collaborative working relationships

The bottom line is that near sourcing allows your two teams to form lasting personal relationships based on trust and understanding that benefit both companies.

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