Phase Translation Process

  • Translation – Always done in-territory to ensure up-to-date knowledge of local dialects
  • QC – Full text review by local linguistic experts and veterans of the localization industry.

Right Translator for the Right Job

  • GTL not only tests and scores their translators by their linguistic abilities, but also rates their knowledge by industry.

Translation Process

  1. Client provides translation assets
  2. Project Management analyze assets, generate project instructions, and assemble translation team
  3. Technical team processes files as necessary
  4. Initial in-territory translation phase
  5. Local QC phase with linguistic experts
  6. Technical team runs any necessary file conversions
  7. Project Manager delivers full localized assets to clients
  • Documents
  • Subtitles
  • Web-Format
  • DTP Format
  • Transcription


Over 200 Languages Available!

GTL can translate over 50 languages and over 100 dialects, primarily focusing on the major dialects.


French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and UK English.

Eastern Europe

Russian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian Austrian, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.


Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic


French Canadian, Latin American Spanish (various dialects), Brazilian Portuguese, and US English


Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin and Simplified), Korean, Japanese and Malay.

 Africa and Middle East

Farsi, Arabic, and Swahili

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